Monday, January 26, 2009

I think I killed grown up Bambi

So have you ever wondered what its like to hit a deer? Wonder no more.
Let me tell you, its nuts! Last Wednesday night, I went to a Party with Kaisha in Park City.
The party was great, but the ride home... not so great. At about 2 in the morning, we were heading east on UT-40 towards Heber, going about 55/60 miles an hour ( the speed limit) when all of the sudden out of no where, a giant buck bigger than my car ( like bambi on steroids) was crossing my lane! I had two seconds to respond and 3 options...

option 1: swerve, and try to avoid the deer, but probably kill us...

option 2:hit the front of the deer, but if it tried to jump the whole deer would hit my car, making it again possible for us to die...

good ol' option 3: hit the butt of the deer ( like Jacie taught me) and do more damage to the deer instead of us...

I picked the option behind door number 3 and nailed the deer! After being hit by my car, it flew up in the air and to the right like a stuffed toy. I could hardly believe what had happened.

Because I was in shock, I screamed, said more than a few words I should have, and kept driving for about a mile down the road to the nearest gas station. I didnt know what to do! I'd never hit a deer before! It was completely out of my control. As I drove that never ending mile, the check engine light came on, and the temperature gage blinked and blinked and beeped at me forever, while Kaisha and I both freaked out and laughed and then freaked out some more. I couldnt believe what had happened...

When we pulled over, we found that the deer had gotten pretty good revenge on my car...

Description of the Damage:

Busted Radiator: A huge hole in it, causing all the antifreeze to leak out from my car- so basically it is no longer drive-able unless I wanted to bust the engine... no deal.

Scratched and ripped up bumper: from the pictures you cant tell, but it didn't look to hot.

Bent up hood: Looks like a big 600 lbs fat woman sat on the front of my car... not to mention it was impossible to open so who knows about what the damage is like under the hood.

Broken headlights: not much more to say about that

We decided not to drive it through the canyon... no reception and if it broke down, we'd be in trouble. Not to mention we didn't want to completely ruin my car or hit another deer. Heaven forbid. So we called parents and friends and had to wait for a ride to come get us... this was the all time low point. Kaisha and I sat on the gas station floor at Mavericks and pouted about what had just happened. After waiting an hour, our hero, Jake, rescued us in his jeep and drove us back to Provo. Oh and just so you know, we did see deer on the way back through the canyon. Luckily we didnt hit them. I dont know what exactly is going on with my car, but the adjuster should let me know soon. In the meantime, Im switching back and forth between a kia mini van and a toyota camry... joy.

Morals of the story:

Dont drive down UT 40 when its pitch black at night, unless you want to hit a deer.

If you hit a deer, aim for the rear.... means less damage to you and your car.

My car has nine lives... think it will pull through... again.

Listen to the Spirit... if it warns you about something, just listen ( it warned me and I didnt listen)

Thank heavens for car insurance!

There are things that will happen in life that are simply out of your control. Do the best you can. You'll get through it.